Ashley, Office Manager

Ashley Ellis is a native of Dover, Delaware. Born and raised in the heart of Dover, Ashley’s journey in dental healthcare began at a young age, and her passion for the field has only grown stronger over the years. Ashley’s educational journey took her to PolyTech High School, where she embarked on her path toward a career as a dental assistant. Her commitment to her studies paid off when her class achieved a prestigious victory at the Vica Nationals, showcasing the exceptional skills they had acquired in vocational high school.

Ashley achieved her dental assisting certification in 2004, opening the door to her professional career. She started her journey at Mercer Dental Associates, where her dedication and proficiency quickly became evident. Over the course of two years, Ashley’s role evolved as she transitioned from dental assisting to the front desk, taking on the crucial position of receptionist. Ashley’s exemplary work ethic, interpersonal skills, and passion for dentistry soon earned her a significant promotion in 2007. She was appointed as the Office Manager at Mercer Dental Associates, a role she has excelled in ever since. Ashley has been an integral part of the practice’s evolution, witnessing its transformation into Mercer Sydell Dental. Her dedication was pivotal in expanding the practice to include new locations in Milton and Ocean View.

One of Ashley’s most notable achievements is her instrumental role in organizing the “Give Kids a Smile” event at Mercer Sydell Dental. This initiative brought together dental professionals, children in need, and the community to provide essential dental care to underserved youngsters. Ashley’s commitment to this cause demonstrated her profound dedication to ensuring every child’s oral health and happiness. Furthermore, Ashley has lent her skills to the “Give a Vet a Smile” program, showing gratitude and support to veterans who have served their nation. Ashley has also participated in the Special Olympics, where her warm smile and caring nature provide invaluable encouragement to athletes.

Outside of her professional and volunteer endeavors, Ashley cherishes her time spent with her loving family. Camping adventures with her husband and three daughters are among her favorite ways to unwind and create lasting memories.