Kois Trained

Central to the beliefs of the dentists at Mercer Sydell Dental is the importance of continued education. The science of dentistry is constantly changing and leading to new techniques and materials that improve the patient experience. For this reason, the dentists here at Mercer Dental Associates and Mercer Sydell Dental have devoted themselves to keeping abreast of the latest advances by regularly attending the state of the art Kois Center in Seattle, WA. Founded by Dr. John C. Kois, the mission of the Kois Center is to enable motivated dentists to achieve extraordinary levels in dentistry. The curriculum is dispersed through 9 courses with each course typically being attended once a year, consisting of 3 consecutive 10 hour days of lecture and associated hands-on training. Course materials are constantly being updated and changed based on the latest research and development, which Dr. Kois and his staff meticulously review as it becomes available. The associated Kois Research Center is also on site and performs their own research and development.

The dentists at Mercer Sydell Dental are very proud of the time they spend at the Kois Center. The combination of an unparalleled learning experience and the constant interaction with some of dentistry’s brightest minds allow our doctor’s to deliver the best dental care possible.