Our Dental Practice History

Our Family Tree:

  • Dr. Tom (Father of Dr. Andy, Uncle of Dr. Sean)
  • Dr. Andy (Son of Dr. Tom, Cousin of Dr. Sean)
  • Dr. Sean (Cousin of Dr. Andy, Nephew of Dr. Tom)
  • Dr. Adam (Brother in law of Dr. Sean)
  • Dr. Galen (Employee of MDA since high school)

Mercer Dental Associates was established in 1971, originally as Thomas W. Mercer, DMD, P.A. and was located on the south side of Dover. In July 2001, Dr. T. Andrew Mercer (Dr. Andy) joined Dr. Tom to form Mercer Dental Associates. In 2003 Mercer Dental Associates moved to its current location at 77 Saulsbury Road, Dover, DE 19904. Dr. Sean M. Mercer (Dr. Sean) joined the practice in 2002. Dr. Adam Sydell joined MDA in 2009 and Mercer Dental Associates expanded to form Mercer Sydell Dental to serve Milton, DE and neighboring locations.

In 2012, Mercer Dental Associates in Dover renovated its facility. In 2015 Mercer Dental Associates & Mercer Sydell Dental underwent an expansion project completed in July 2016. Mercer Sydell Dental has now welcomed its newest Dentist, Dr. Galen Giaconne, in July 2016.